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Yoga Brain welcomes you to our second fall festival at a home away from home.

Behind a horizon of rolling hills, sixty acres of flatland awaits you in St. Joe, MO. This weekend retreat will be our biggest yet, complete with camping, workshops, sound baths, live performances and local merchants.

Connect with Kansas City's teachers, healers, makers and shakers as you navigate the festival through intuition and observation. 

Notice that yoga is not a pose, it is a practice. A philosophy. A discipline.

Yoga means union.

Let us unite.

Yoga Brain 2022

September 24 - 25

St. Joe, MO 

Want to volunteer? Apply here to join the team.

2022 Festival: Welcome


2022 Festival: Text
2022 Festival: Pro Gallery


Tickets include entrance to all classes, workshops, and performances on the Yoga Brain Schedule


Includes access to all programming on Saturday only. A $10 cash parking fee will be charged per vehicle upon arrival for the daytime lot. Registration begins at 8AM.


Includes access to all programming on Sunday only. A $10 cash parking fee will be charged per vehicle upon arrival for the daytime lot. Registration begins at 7:30AM.


Includes access to all programming for Saturday and Sunday only. A $10 cash parking fee will be charged per vehicle upon arrival for the daytime lot.


Includes Friday entrance for set-up and a night of performances exclusive for campers. You will camp next to your car. We suggest bringing canopies for shade. You may bring coolers and portable grills. $10 cash parking fee per vehicle.


Located in a VIP Area with a lakefront view and bonfire. Includes Friday entrance, a swag bag and three plant-based, gluten-free meals by KC restaurant owner Robin Krause. (Saturday lunch + dinner, Sunday lunch).
**Tents are not provided**


Camp with ease with a Camp'd Out bell tent furnished with a queen-sized bed and accessories. Price includes TWO VIP Camping Tickets.

2022 Festival: Our Goals


Fully immerse into the Yoga Brain Festival with Weekend Camping

  1. When should I get there?
    Anytime on Friday, September 23rd before 6pm so you can attend The Welcoming with Yoga Brain

  2. Where do I park?
    On the campsite next to your tent. There is a $10 cash fee per vehicle.

  3. Do I need a tent?
    YES! Tents, tables, shade and chairs are BYO.

  4. Should I bring a hammock?
    No. The trees on the Festival grounds are widely spread out, and there are few on the campsite. We do suggest inflatable air couches, though!

  5. Are there porta-potees?

  6. Can I bring my grill?
    Yes. And coolers and food and drinks and snacks. Stay nourished and hydrated!

  7. This is my first time... HELP!
    You're in for a treat! Our partners at Big Muddy will be helping first-timers set up tents and provide repairs if need be. Take a look at our list and if you plan to camp with friends, disperse the gear among your crew. Relax! Camping is great in late September, though it will cool down at night. 

Out With My Curls Camping 1-2 Night Stay (2).jpg
2022 Festival: About


2022 Festival: Sponsors


Saturday at 2:00 pm

in The Asana Barn

with Justin Gardner and Danielle Hass

A physical practice combining acrobatics and yoga. Acro is a partner-based class founded on strength, balance, trust, and connection between two people.


Sunday at 9:30 am

in The Asana Barn

with Jesse Molina

Modernized by  Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the 20th century, Ashtanga is a set-series of poses which are intelligently designed to open and move energy through the body while engaging the breath, creating strength, balance, and flexibility among physical and mental perseverance.


Sunday at 10:45 am

in The Asana Barn 

with Tehya Goodman

As practiced by Hindu astrologers, this study of yoga observes the planets in relationship to their transits, the seasons, and personal natal charts. Astro yoga connects signs with parts of our body, building awareness within our physical body as it relates to the astro field.


Saturday at 3:30 pm

in The Beta Barn 

with Wren Quinn

The application of herbal and botanical properties for health benefits, personal and communal hygiene, seasonal remedies and building a better relationship with yourself and the natural world.


Saturday at 2:15 pm

in The Beta Barn 

with Megan Carlson

The personal pursuit of changing your neurological, physical, chemical, and biological makeup with the application of awareness practices, tools, and therapies.


Saturday at 9:30 am

with Josh Solar

Saturday at 5:55 pm

with Melissa Saubers

Sunday at 9:30 am

with Andrea Freemeyer + Andy Venneman

ALL at The Dock

Applying various Pranayama - (life force energy - the breath) techniques that create acute stress release within the body, targeting the central nervous system to achieve elevated states of consciousness.


Saturday at 1:11 pm

at The Main Stage

with Lauren Gonzales and Alex Villalobos
Sunday 1:00 pm

at The Dock

with Mike Wuli

A celebratory ritual in which one or more facilitators create a safe space to consume cacao, combining heart-opening properties from the plant and grounding practices from group meditation.


Saturday at 11:45 am 

in The Beta Barn 

with Rose Hinsz

Respecting the medicine while supporting yourself, this course offers proper tips on dosing and meditative practices with cannabis.


Saturday at 9:20 am

in The Beta Barn 

with Kayla Mason

Dive into the rich culture and history of ceremonial cacao. Learn about sustainable sourcing, intention setting and other responsible practices in consuming this powerful plant.


Saturday at 1:00 pm

at The Dock

with Sher Randhir

A rhythmic and repetitive expression of sound in the form of prayer of song. Chanting may help to release negative emotions, signal cardio and respiratory activity, elevate awareness and increase focus.


Sunday at 3:00 pm

at The Dock

with Brandon Draper of Drum Safari

Brandon is providing 100 instruments for guests to circle up and get down to the rhythm of shared community. Don’t miss this epic ending and feel free to bring your own music maker to our closing ceremony.


Sunday at 12:00 pm

at The Trail

with Rylie Beck

A ceremony to activate your senses, bringing conscious awareness back to the earth, your spirit and their teachings. Rylie of Soul Service will guide you through the trail into a sound meditation with time for journaling and conversation. Please bring a journal and pen with you to this experience.


Saturday at 9:30 am

at The Main Stage

with Lady Severe

Is a freeform style of movement that syncs with transcendental music designed to reach a meditative state between moments of ecstasy.


Sunday at 1:00 pm

at The Main Stage

with Laura Lockton of ReKinection

Pick up a prop and play with this workshop led by ReKinection founder Laura Lockton. Find your rhythm with tips on learning new tricks during this guided flow jam.


Sunday at 10:15 am

at The Main Stage

with Alexis Borth

The Gyrokinesis Method is a movement method that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences.


Saturday at 12:30

in The Asana Barn 

with Vegan Josh

Meaning “Force”, the Hatha Yoga discipline allows the body to move through poses slowly, building strength with controlled movements, steady breaths, and longer stretches.


Saturday at 10:45 am

in The Asana Barn

with Andrew Snope and Jordan Ryan

A partner based experiential workshop where we define and clarify spaceholding and opening up safe spaces of vulnerability, followed by several exercises, verbal and non-verbal, designed to facilitate deeper levels of communication.


Saturday at 9:30 am

in The Asana Barn

with Davey Langerak

Sunday at 9:00 am

at The Main Stage

with Matthew Rardon

Derived from tantric studies, Kundalini Yoga activates the Kundalini energy, which is stored at the base of the spine. A Kundalini class may involve chanting, breath work, repetitive movements and spinal exercises.


Saturday at 2:00 pm

at The Trail

with the Energy Alliance Project

The Energy Alliance Project is designed to awaken, release, transform and integrate men into their purpose and see themselves as a divine, masculine being.


Saturday at 12:00 pm

at The Main Stage

with Gwendolyn White

The Movement and Mobility class explores fundamental movement attributes such as level changes, squatting, spinal awareness, and other coordination techniques.


Sunday at 11:30

at The Main Stage

with Kaitlyn Gardner

Find your most authentic form within the art of dance. Explore the ways of which you interpret music, sounds, conversations, ideas & subjects through guided improv movement.


Saturday at 1:00

in The Beta Barn 

with Dr. Zac Lyons

An educational lecture about the use and benefits of MDMA and Psilocybin together.


Saturday at 10:30 am

in The Beta Barn 

with Jesse Molina

Learn about the names behind the asana (seat/posture). Tap into Indian Mythology and gain insight into the meanings of popular poses.


Sunday at 12:45

in The Beta Barn

with Jessica Telzican of Varnish + Vine

Sit with Varnish + Vine’s Jess Teliczan to learn the basics on nurturing your growing collection of house plants, tropicals, and cacti.


Saturday at 4:45 pm

in The Beta Barn 

with Andrew Snope

An educational lecture seeking to unify disparate perspectives on the psychedelic experience in an attempt to bridge illusory divisions between practitioners.


Sunday at 11:30 am

in The Beta Barn 

with Jessica Blesdoe

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative medicine. In Reiki, our hands are the tools through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the receiver in order to encourage emotional or physical healing


Sunday at 1:30 pm

in The Asana Barn

with Bound Energetics

Experience the process of conscious self-tying, creating tension with the intention to release into the bind. This practice of bound meditation helps us to create warmth while exploring sensations throughout the body.


Saturday at 11:45 am

at The Trail

with Willow Woody

Apply Ayurvedic (health science) practices into your every day, adapting your routine to the fall season.


Sunday at 2:00 pm

in The Beta Barn

with Victoria Lynn

Shadow integration is a process of bringing the hidden parts of the Self into consciousness. “Shadow” is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe the repressed or denied parts of the Self.


Sunday at 8:00 am

at The Trail

with Jennifer Lin

FOREST BATHING: Shinrin-Yoku is the Japanese term for spending time in forests as a therapeutic act for relieving stress and connecting with our natural world.


Saturday 11:00 am

with VJ Healer 

Saturday at 4:00 pm

with Haley Robertson and Amanda Wallace

Sunday at 11:00 am 

with Cindy Vong

All at The Dock

A journey through gongs, crystal and Tibetian bowls, wind chimes and other instruments that incorporate planetal frequencies for meditative and transformative purposes.


Sunday at 12:15 pm

in The Asana Barn

with Molly Schmidt

The practice of breath-to-movement, “Vinyasa” means to place in a special way. Expect fluid movements that create strength and endurance.


Saturday at 10:45 am

at The Main Stage

with Tara Jackson

is the wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on trending pop and hip hop music.


Saturday at 4:00 pm

in The Asana Barn

with Katie Brown

The practice of pause, Yin is the rest, the stillness, the silence in a Western world of Yang. Poses are held for multiple minutes to target facial tissues and reach a state of release.


2022 Festival: Clients

Self-care wisdom

Outdoor gear and education available for our campers

Providing delicious meals for our VIPs

Shibari, Rope and Body Art, and Merch

Learn about safe marijuana consumption, apply for a medical card, and more

Hot Dog Vendor Friday and Saturday

Purposeful living

On site massage and cupping services

Hand crafted mycology supplies

Onsite 15 minute Reiki sessions

Onsite Stick and Poke tattoo

Handmade Gifts & More!

Metaphysical items, local KC goods, crystals, and more

Aura Photography


Onsite henna service

Incense, sensory items, art, and more

Holistic services


Body work

Mobile bar with fresh juice, mocktails and espresso

Modern Herbal Apothecary

Artisan candles

Vintage, thrift flip, and handmade goods

Cosmic Creations

The yummiest TACO truck in KC

Breakfast and Brunch Food Vendor

Onsite massage service

a collection by Grace Cantril

Art and Hand Poke tattoo service

Plant care, Cactus and other tropical plants

Hand made linen apparel



Location: 10344 SW 54th Road, St. Joseph, MO 64504

Suggested Items for all Ticket-holders:

  • Cash for parking, vendors and food

  • Water Bottle

  • Yoga Mat

Yoga Brain is an all-sizes fits one inspiring weekend. You do not need any experience with yoga or camping to attend. 

Yoga Brain is a DRY FESTIVAL. We do not permit the sales or consumption of alcohol on the festival grounds. Participants over the age of 21 may consume responsibly at their campsite.

Friday is for camping ticket holders ONLY.

Children under the age of 10 may attend free of charge. While the festival is kid-friendly, some of the topic discussions may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13.

We are on private farm land south of the St. Joseph metro. There are bed and breakfasts in St. Joe, and several more 25 minutes away in Weston, MO if you'd  like to stay close without camping.

The walk to the festival from the campsite is about 20 minutes, or a 5 minute hayride. The hayride is complimentary and runs Friday 5pm-Midnight, Saturday 8am-Midnight, and Sunday 7:30am-5pm.

There will be food trucks with vegetarian and vegan options. You may bring a cooler that shall stay in the daytime parking lot/on the campsite.

This is a FESTIVAL so expect FESTIVITIES! Dress up or dress down, decorate your campsite and prepare to dance. Find something on the schedule that you've never heard of before and take that class. Talk to someone who isn't your age or race. Respect yourself and the beautiful beings around you.


xx  Thank you 2022 xx

See you in September

2022 Festival: About
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